Burst Avocado-II Programmable Fire-Control For Airsoft AEG Rifles

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Model: Burst Avocado II Lipoly Edition.(Not for NiCd and NiMh batteries)Add "burst function" to virtually any Airsoft AEG in seconds! This unit is environmental, it conserves bullets for high rate of fire guns, acts as a MOSFET to regulate your...

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Model: Burst Avocado II Lipoly Edition.(Not for NiCd and NiMh batteries)

Add "burst function" to virtually any Airsoft AEG in seconds! This unit is environmental, it conserves bullets for high rate of fire guns, acts as a MOSFET to regulate your power source and more! There is simply nothing like it! Many shooters would argue that burst firing is the most green, tactical and economical feature on a rifle.
The Burst Avocado provides you reduced gearbox wear and tear, improved milsim realism, trigger control and tactical advantages!
The Burst Avocado is the Ver.2 design of the burst wizard we previously offered with "easier adjustment", "mosfet technology" and "real time burst fire"! The more expensive units on the market are older design with long delay for firing and they costs more only because you are getting it from a retailer that buys from a importer from a manufacture. The good news is, ModernAirsoft.com is the manufacture and world-wide distributor for the Burst Avocado.

Compare to similar products on the market:
There are nothing else on the market that offers on-par functionality as the burst avocado! They are either harder to program, harder to install, with half or less the functionality and generally costs much more for absolutely no reason!

Features, Innovations and improvement on the Avocado Burst.
  • Fire-Control. Turns the "Full Auto" function on your AEG into "3~12 round burst" firing mode.
  • Regulates your battery output. Reduces melting switch assemblies.
  • Programmable continuous shoot mode of 30 round burst.
  • Fast trigger response, realistic cycle and switches firing mode in seconds!
  • Unplug in seconds to return your AEG to full auto mode.
  • The burst starts when you pull the trigger, not when you release the trigger. (Unlike the previous burst wizard model.)
  • User-friendly: In-line programmable, user can program the AEG to "X round burst" from the trigger in seconds!
  • "SUPER EASY" installation in seconds! Plug it in your gun just like how you plug in your battery! Simple drop-in installation with absolutely no soldering required.
  • It doesn't cost hundreds of dollars.
  • Controlled by USA Made circuit chip
  • Assembled overseas
  • Equipped with up-to-date power MOSFET technology!
  • Active braking technology employed.
  • Beep tones available for programming confirmation and battery low indication.
  • Self-adjust battery status to suit various types of batteries.
  • Improves battery life, rate of fire, spring life and gearbox reliability!
  • Battery Protection:
  • The "Burst Avocado" is equipped with battery low detection. There are 2 per-installed thresholds at 6.3V and 9.3V sllowing a wide range of battery voltage to be used. The device will detect the initial voltage when the battery is connected and determine which threshold to be used. Once the battery goes below the preset threshold, the device will generate a warning tone and stop the gun from firing during trigger pull. This is especially useful for lipo battery applications due to the inherited trait of lipo batteries where they should not to be drained completely.

    Manufacturer: Avocado Airsoft USA
    Connector Type: Small Tamiya
    Size: 45mm x 17mm x 8mm
    Operating Voltage: 7.2~12.0V
    Maximum Continuous Current: 65 Amp
    Recommended operating battery type: Li-po 2~3 cells. (7.4~12V)
    Programmable "Burst" Mode: 1 to 12 shots
    Programmable "continuous mode: 30 shots
    Battery Low Detection: 6.6V ~ 9.9V
    *If your AEG's ROF is higher than 25, there will be a inaccuracy of +1 shot. For example, 2 trigger pull adjustment for 3 round burst and so on.

    In electronic terms, a MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) is a transistor employed in the amplifying and switching circuitry. MOSFET in simple term is a name for "discrete electronics component". The term "MOSFET" is not a "dedicated / defined feature". The purpose of a MOSFET is its high current handling ability and low turn-on resistance. A MOSFET is widely used in motor control application, e.g. Airsoft AEG.
    The word MOSFET in the gun hobby region is referring to a dedicated function, i.e. the Electronics Trigger/Switch. Generally it is a circuit to prevent the traditional mechanical trigger from easily wearing out, as the current flowing through its contacts is really high!
    While a traditional MOSFET handles the current flow for the trigger, the Burst Avocado is a different MOSFET application that focuses on the "Shoot Control" and "Plug & Play". This MOSFET in this application controls the number of shots instead of the trigger.

    The Burst Avocado provides MOSFET circuitry to the gun providing the shooter and the rifle a controlled power source, thus offering better protection for all electronic components of the gun.
    What is burst fire? When you pull the trigger, it will fire X amount of bullets and stop firing until your next trigger pull. 

    Warranty: The Burst Avocado-II carries a limited warranty when in an unmodified original condition.

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