Airsoft AEG | Automatic Electric Airsoft Guns

The most common form of automatic airsoft gun is the Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun (AEG). The automatic electric airsoft gun is battery powered and can often be fired in semi-auto, or full-auto firing modes, with different electric airsoft guns. We strongly suggest that you choose your airsoft gun from our selection of full metal gearboxes, as they are generally more durable than their plastic counterparts.

Why play with electric airsoft guns?

If this is your first time buying airsoft guns, the AEG style is a fantastic way to start because of their versatility and the large selection of automatic electric airsoft guns available. M4s in particular are exceptionally versatile electric airsoft guns, so it's easy to find parts for repairs and upgrades for them. While it is the case that some brands of automatic electric airsoft gun will include a rechargeable battery and a battery charger, we recommend buying a smart charger from our High Performance Airsoft Batteries as well if your are starting out, as they automatically stop charging when at full capacity.

Best electric airsoft guns for you. 

If you are looking for more specialized airsoft guns, we have Airsoft Sniper Rifles for long range, Airsoft Gas / Spring Airsoft Shotguns for close range, and a Green Gas Powered Airsoft Pistol | Co2 Airsoft Pistol as a low-profile backup airsoft gun. If you're looking for airsoft guns to play around with and do light target practice, our Spring Airsoft Guns are a great way to do that. If you would like more information on airsoft guns, feel free to read our blog posts about getting started.
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