Airsoft Sniper

Airsoft Sniper are the people trusted to land precise shots from long distances, and they need top-of-the-line weaponry to do so. A sniper in airsoft has the same task, and at ModernAirsoft, you can find an airsoft sniper rifle that has unmatched range and accuracy for any operation. Electric airsoft sniper rifles sometimes have full automatic capabilities and a long inner barrel that allows for multiple shots at a distance. For For a more traditional bolt-action approach, consider a high-velocity gas airsoft sniper rifle for added realism. Our classic spring sniper rifles provide a true-to-life experience with their single shot pull-back action.

You’ll feel like an expert marksman no matter which one you choose thanks to the attached scopes for accurate trajectory from hundreds of feet away. ModernAirsoft sniper rifles come in a number of designs, from wood airsoft guns for an old-school look to full metal rifles with all the latest bells and whistles. Aftermarket scopes and magazines are available as well for even better performance. When buying BBs, we recommend BB’s with a minimum weight of .25g, as these will be impacted less by the wind and other weather elements. Order online or stop by one of our retail stores to see them in person first.

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LT-28B Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Air Spring Rifles-
LT-28B Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
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WELL VSR-10 Bolt Action Rifle
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