Airsoft Tactical Barrel Extensions // Muzzle Breaks // Suppressors

Increase the effectiveness of your gun, or go for a new tactical look with our collection of barrel extensions, muzzle breaks, and mock suppressors. We have a large collection for all sorts of styles and uses.

Why Use a Tactical Barrel Extension Mock Suppressor?

Airsoft mock suppressors have a different use than their real-to-life equivalents. No noise is dampened by mock suppressors, as the majority of the noise produced by an airsoft gun comes from the gearbox in electric airsoft guns, and from the bolt mechanism in gas rifles and pistols. Mock suppressors can instead be used for masking a barrel extension in an airsoft gun, or for simulation purposes in mil-sim type airsoft matches. Barrel extensions look great on all sorts of airsoft guns, especially Airsoft Sniper Rifles and Airsoft GBB Pistols.

Other Types of Tactical Barrel Devices

In addition to mock suppressors, we have barrel devices for other uses. Purchase a replacement orange tip in case the one which came with your gun gets damaged, or protect the threads on the front of your gun with a thread cover. Looking to give your gun barrel a different look? Pick up a different style of tactical muzzle break to do just that. If you're going on a night op and want to add a bit of flair to your shooting, add a tracer unity and pick up some premium glow-in-the-dark Ammo // BB's to give your shots a visible glow.

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JG Airsoft Tactical M5 Series Flash Hider
JG Full Metal AK Series Flash Hider
Krytac Composite Flash Hider
Krytac Composite Flash Hider
Regular price $12.99
G&G Flash Suppressor Barrel Extension Mock Suppressor
G&G Flash Hider 14MM CCW
Regular price $36.99
G&G Mock Flash Suppressor for SG552 Barrel Extension
G&G Flash Hider 14MM CCW
Regular price $29.99

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