Vega Force Company (VFC) Airsoft

Airsoft VFC AVALON Series - the most cutting-edge product series in VFC. Its name comes from the island with Eternal and Heroic spirit of King Arthur Legend, the birthplace of Excalibur! Which represents that VFC attempts to create the highest quality AEG series for top Airsoft players in worldwide.

"Monster" is the wildest series of AVALON!
Just like it lives up to its name, the most eye-catching feature is the Monster Rail System (MRS), it makes your weapon looks mighty and awesome. The internal includes all the AVALON grade parts in it, also "Monster" attached the new design Quick Response Pop-up Retractable Stock, it allows you to respond faster and more sensitive in the battlefield. 

We carry a wide selection of Vega Force Company (VFC) Airsoft including VFC Avalon VR16 , HK416 Airsoft  and H&K/KWA MP7 at 


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