Earn Points today through the Modern Airsoft Points Program! Please check the tab on the bottom right corner to quickly see your current point total!
Simply click the "Reward Points" tab in the bottom right corner to view how many points you have accumulated, and how to redeem them.

You can now receive points for:

Purchases = +5 Points for every $1 spent
For every $1 you spend in our store, you will automatically receive 5 points.
(Promotion ends 4/30/18)

Account Registration = +200 Points
Receive 200 points automatically when you sign up at ModernAirsoft.com.

Complete Profile = +100 Points
Receive 100 points automatically when you complete your profile at ModernAirsoft.com.

Birthday = +250 Points
Receive 250 points automatically on your birthday. You must enter your birth date by clicking the "Reward Points" tab in lower right corner, than click the 'Earn' tab, than click 'On your birthday'.
Birth date must be set 24 hours in advance in order to receive your Birthday points!

Follow on Instagram = +50 Points
Points are only awarded one time for following on Instagram. If you unfollow us then the points will be reversed and you can't claim those reward points again!

Share on Facebook = +50 Points
Receive 50 points for sharing on Facebook.

Review a Product = +25 Points
Receive 25 points for reviewing a product in our store. Limit one per day.

Refer a Friend = +250 Points
Receive 250 points for referring a friend. Friend also receives 5% off their first purchase. 

Redemption Rates:
500 Points = $1
1000 Points = $2
2500 Points = $5

Redeem your points at any time to receive your checkout code to validate your discount! If you have any questions, please contact us at: info@modernairsoft.com


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