Infinity GT High Torque, Standard Speed Performance 35,000 RPM Motor by 6mmProShop - Long

  • $75.00

Infinity GT High Torque, Standard Speed Performance 35,000 RPM Motor by 6mmProShop - Long

The Tienly GT-35000 Motor, brought to you by 6mm Pro Shop, is a great upgrade for any modern airsoft tech enthusiast seeking accurate, precisely stepped motor speed design. Each motor is handmade to ensure the absolute highest construction and quality control while boasting multiple innovative features that set them apart from other motors.


  • Specially designed forced induction ports cycle cooled air through motor, lowering operating temperature
  • 35,000 RPM standard speed, high torque motor provides increased trigger response under higher load
  • Provides more torque than GT40000, less overall speed, and higher efficiency at upgraded spring loads
  • Anti-oil absorption design keeps oil and grease out of motor, preventing carbon dust release that can harm internal parts
  • Built-in motor stabilizing ball bearings absorb torsion forces generated during operation
  • Oversized carbon brushes increase longevity
  • Super magnet design ensures consistent, high performance

  • Motor Type: Long
    Application: Standard speed, high torque, reliable at M150 spring level
    Compatibility: For Airsoft AEGs that utilize a long type motor

    Manufacturer: Tienly

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