6mmProShop 6mm Pro-Series Premium High Grade Precision Airsoft BBs - 0.23g / 3,000 Round (Color: Green)

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WHITE .12G 5000RDS

WHITE .20G 4000RDS

WHITE .23G 3000RDS

BLACK .23G 3000RDS

GREEN .23G 3000RDS


WHITE .25G 3000RDS

GREEN .25G 3000RDS

BLACK .25G 3000RDS

WHITE .25G 3000RDS

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WHITE .45G 2000RDS

6mmProShop 6mm Pro-Series Premium High Grade Precision Airsoft BBs - 0.23g / 3,000 Round (Color: Green)

Quality control, precision manufacturing and attention to detail make 6mm ProShop BBs the best choice for your high performance Airsoft gun. Ultra polished, no seams and perfect spherical consistency means 6mm ProShop BBs are some of the smoothest shooting BBs available on the market today


  • Premium OEM BB by GoldenBall
  • Precision manufacturing (5.95mm +/- 0.01)
  • Perfectly spherical and smooth with no seams or surface imperfections
  • Greatly improved consistency which translate to better accuracy and performance
  • High strength formula, less prone to chipping / chopping / shattering
  • Resealable bag
Weight: 0.23g
Diameter: 5.95 0.01mm
Color: Green
Quantity: 3000 rounds

Manufacturer: 6mmProShop (OEM: GoldenBall)

About 6mmProShop

Established in 2011, 6mmProShop Inc. is a USA based manufacturer and distributor with a mission to bring law enforcement training, Airsoft sporting events, and military simulation to the next level. 6mmProShop features exclusive licensed products, unique innovations, and distribution rights of many exciting products from Japan, Europe, South America and Asia. With headquarters located in the USA, 6mmProShop offers unmatched product support, inventory availability for re-sellers, and world-wide exclusive products!

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