Angel Custom APS Type 96 PSS2 Power Accuracy Piston Head

  • $13.60

Where second best, is not good enough!

A critical part of a reliable, accurate and powerful Airsoft sniper rifle starts with air seal. Angel Custom selected the hardened HD Airtight rubber to manufacture this, probably, the best piston head for your APS sniper system.
The Angel Custom PSS2 Piston bucking is a redesign of the laylax / first-factory piston bucking with new design, no yen inflation and USA warranty program. This piston head is made extra strong, allowing more shooting power and more stability each shot. A must have for Shadow Op, Well MB-01, Maruzen APS2, Javelin M24, Snowwolf M24, Snowwolf M99 and other APS-2 / Type 96 internal bolt action sniper rifles.

Material: High Density Airtight Rubber
Model#: AC-APS-02
Manufacturer: Angel Custom
Compatibility: For UTG, Shadow Op, MB01, APS-2, APS, Type 96, Snowwolf M99, M24, Javelin M24, Marushin APS / Typ96 and other compatible sniper rifles.

  • Enhanced Piston Head for Air-Tightness.
  • Designed to withstand high impact pressure.
  • Stabilized Performance.

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    We Got Your Back!

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