Black Annex MI-9 Full Face Mask by Valken

  • $49.95

The Valken MI-9 Full Face Mask provides complete protection to the face and ears. The head strap is comfortable and easily adjustable. The lens is a double-pane thermal design that is resistant to fogging. Overall this is a solid choice for full face protection.


  • Full Face / Ear Coverage
  • Flexible Rubber Lower Section (More flexible than previous Annex Masks)
  • Dual Layer Internal Foam for Comfort
  • Angled Ventilation
  • Patented Quick Release System
  • Thermal Anti-Fog Lens
  • Extreme Vertical Vision

Lens Color: Clear
Mask Color: Gloss Black / Matte Black
Materials: Rubber, Polycarbonate

Manufacturer: Valken

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