NORTH SD vs SOUTH SD Airsoft Event

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Every single player on the winning team will win $35 worth gift certificates and a Free Raffle ticket for a chance to win epic prizes at the raffle! So be part of the winning team today as we have LIMITED spots...

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Every single player on the winning team will win $35 worth gift certificates and a Free Raffle ticket for a chance to win epic prizes at the raffle! So be part of the winning team today as we have LIMITED spots for this event!

Every single player on the losing team will get a pat on the back and a Free Raffle Ticket for a chance to win epic prizes at the raffle!


North SD VS South SD is a tournament style large scale airsoft event between two teams formed by their geographical locations. North SD team will be led by General Gerhig Rosen (General G) and South SD team will be led by General David Snediker (General David).

This exciting event will be held at Modern Airsoft Alpine Park on Saturday, June 20th, 2020, sponsored by Modern Airsoft! Featuring over 100 acres of playable outdoor wilderness, Alpine is a premier event location in Southern California. All 100+ acres will be open for this tournament style event, so make sure to bring your best guns and hiking boots as this will be an epic day to remember!

This will be a large scale, multiple game tournament style event where each successful victory will win teams points. Three competitive games will be the main focus of the day, each having a different objective. Each successful completion of an objective will earn your team points, and at the end of the day the team with the most points wins the event.

Your team will be assigned based on where you live. Please pay attention to the map when you pick your team. The border line that splits the two territory is:

Highway 56, Poway Rd and Highway 78. 

If you live on the north side of these roads, please pick North SD when you register and if you live on the south side of these roads, please pick South SD.

NORTH SD General

North SD will be led by General G. G is the head technician at our Oceanside retail location. G has been playing airsoft since he was a kid and has built himself a great reputation both on and off the field. G is known for his fast firing, high speed, low-drag custom builds and his go-get it attitude on the field. 

SOUTH SD General

South SD will be led by General David. David has been an influential member of the San Diego Airsoft community for many years. He is known for his impressive project guns as well as his leadership in organizing events and leading teams. 

Game ONE: Control Points

  • Overview: For the first game of the day we will play control points. Your objective will be to control the points for the most time. Two control points will be located at certain locations on the field. 
  • Gameplay: When game start is called both refs will have both flags down, when a live player from either team tags the ref, the ref holds up that player's team's color flag and starts a timer for that team. If a live player from the other team tags that ref, the ref puts down the other team's flag, stops their timer, holds up the flag for that team and starts their timer. When time runs out, both refs stop any active timers. They total the timers for each team, the team with the most time wins.
  • Objective: Control the points for more time than the enemy
  • Respawn: Infinite respawns at a designated hard respawn point. 

Game TWO: Domination

  • Overview: The second game of the day you will be playing domination in a similar vein to the Call of Duty gamemode. 
  • Gameplay: This game will last for an hour. There will be three hardpoints on the field in strategic places. In order to capture a point you will have to stand on it for 10 seconds, once the ref says you may capture the point you will hit the timer and it will start a stopwatch for the time your team is capturing the point. Once your team holds the point, you may not stand within 30 feet of it. 
  • Objectives: At the end of the game, refs will stop all active timers and the total times for each team will be tallied. The winning team will be the one that has the most total objective time. 
  • Respawn: Infinite respawns at a designated hard respawn point.  

Game THREE: 2020 Elimination

  • Overview: The third game will not have a time limit. Each team will select 20 players to have a balloon tied to their body.
  • Gameplay: In order to win this game you must eliminate all 20 enemy balloons. Players with balloons stays in the game as long as balloon is not popped. Players without carrying a balloon will be eliminated once they get shot. 
  • Objective: Eliminate all 20 enemy balloons
  • Respawn: One Life ONLY, NO RESPAWN
    Each game will be worth one point. The winner being determined upon the completion of first and the third game. The second game score will not be revealed till the third game is completed. At the end of the day, whichever team has more points will be declared the versus winner.
    North SD: TAN Based Uniforms and Camouflage (Desert Digital, Multicam, Multicam Arid, ATACS Arid, Tri-Color Desert, Coyote Brown, etc.)
    Gear: Northern players are encouraged to wear tan-based gear, and to try to stay away from green. 
    South SD: GREEN Based Uniforms and Camouflage (M81, Multicam Tropic, ATACS FG, Ranger Green, CADPAT, etc.)
    Gear: Southern players are encouraged to wear green-based gear, and to try to stay away from tan.
    If you do not have gear of the appropriate color, but still want to play, do not worry. There will be colored bands given out on game day that will help designate teams. You are still asked to try not to wear too much of the enemy teams color so as not to confuse your team too much. 


    25 Browns Rd, Alpine, CA 91901

    Event Schedule:

    8AM - Registration and Chrono Open

    9 AM - Safety Brief (If you miss the safety brief you will not be allowed to play the first game)

    9:30 Head out to Spawn Points

    10AM - 11AM First Game

    11:30 Second Game brief

    12PM - 1PM Second Game

    1PM - 2PM Lunch Break

    2:15 Third Game Brief

    2:30 - 3:30 Third Game

    3:30 Raffle 

    This event is regulated by the Modern Airsoft Park Rules.


    We will be renting airsoft guns only! Rifle plus 1000bbs will be $25 for all day. NO FACE PROTECTION or GEAR will be available for RENTAL! Face protection is required and will be available for purchase at the pro shop. 

    Gift Certificates:

    Gift certificates can not be used online. Park gift certificates can not be combined. They are not transferable.

    Click here for our field rules:




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