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Every Mystery Card is GUARANTEED to give you a MINIMUM of $25 more than what you spent. With luck you will receive much more than what you spent! Mystery GIft Cards are valid in 2020 from Jan 1st to Dec 31st of...

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Every Mystery Card is GUARANTEED to give you a MINIMUM of $25 more than what you spent. With luck you will receive much more than what you spent!

Mystery GIft Cards are valid in 2020 from Jan 1st to Dec 31st of 2020. Each Mystery Gift Card is a pre-packed and sealed envelope containing our online gift card inside. The minimum gift card value is guaranteed to be $125 at the lowest and the maximum gift card value is to be $800. So the value you receive can be anywhere in between. It could be $250 or $500 or $750 but never less then $125 for every $99.99 you spend. 

You do NOT receive our legendary Free Mystery Gift when you order one or two Mystery Gift Cards. You only get a Free Mystery Gift when you buy 3 or more Mystery Gift Cards.

Randomization process:

1. Limited number of Gift Cards for our website with an amount from $125 to $800 are generated and prepared for packaging.

2. First they are secured and placed inside envelopes that are all same size and color. All envelopes are sealed.

3. Then they get packed inside same color and size shipping bags with the instruction paper and all get hand shuffled at two different times by two different crews. 

4. All packages are stored in our warehouse in one secure location.

5. Once the gift card is sold the order processor prints a shipping label and a packing slip.

6. A warehouse shipping crew member picks up the any package. Since all packages are exactly the same on the outside, this picking is considered random. Then the shipping label gets attached to the package for the carrier to pick up.

7. If the order is for multiple gift cards then the right number of packages get picked and packed in a larger container.

What happens after the Mystery Gift Card shipped?

1. You will receive a tracking number once the package shipped. 

2. When you open the package from us you will receive a card with the Mystery Gift Card amount printed on it. This amount will be anywhere between minimum $125 at minimum and could be up to a maximum of $800. You will also receive a 5 digit security code.

3. Email your 5 digit security code to so that we know which gift card you have received and we will issue you that card.

4. You must email from the email address you used to place your order.

Why am I getting a mail instead of an email with the gift card code?

Since these cards are made already prior to your purchase, it had to be physically pre-made, shuffled, stored, picked and mailed. NO ONE knows what card you get until you open the package. That's why it comes with a security code. Now we know which gift card you have won.

Does the Gift Card have an expiration?

Mystery Gift Cards do have an expiration date. It's not 30 days or 90 days. It's good to go for entire year of 2020. They expire on Dec 31st, 2020. This way you have a plenty of time to decide how to spend your gift card. You can even take advantage of our Massive sales such as Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Black Friday, New Year's Day, Modern Airsoft Anniversary sale and the list goes on. Saving your card till sale day is definitely more bang to your mystery bucks. 

Any limitation on my Gift Card, what can I use it for?

Only one limitation! You can NOT use gift cards to buy another gift card. If you do then you lose your credit and we will not send you a new card. Other than that you can use it for anything on our website. Airsoft events, guns, gear, park admission and even on our generous Mystery Boxes when they get released. 

Do I still get Reward Points and Free Mystery Gift when I use these gift Cards?

Absolutely! You earn reward points when you purchase anything. You will receive a Free Mystery Gift when you purchase more than 3 Mystery Gift Cards in one transaction.  


$175 Gift Card  -  200 pc

$200 Gift Card  -  120 pc

$250 Gift Card  -  50 pc

$300 Gift Card  -  20 pc

$400 Gift Card  -  18 pc

$500 Gift Card  -  15 pc

$600 Gift Card  -  6 pc

$800 Gift Card  -  5 pc - Our most generous offer ever!

All remaining cards are between $125 - $174!


Limited quantities are available so place your order now! 

While supplies last!


PLEASE NOTE: Mystery Gift Cards DO NOT qualify for any other discounts and ALL SALES ARE FINAL! 



If any coupon is used for Mystery Gift Cards then your order will be AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED.  



We Got Your Back!

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