Batteries – The Power Behind Your Airsoft Electric Gun

Batteries – The Power Behind Your Airsoft Electric Gun

  • Nicholas Dunn

Batteries – The Power Behind Your Airsoft Electric Gun


Before going out to play airsoft, you might be asking yourself, what kind of battery should I get? How long will my battery last in the field? What kind is the best? We are here to answer any battery related questions in our ultimate Airsoft Battery Guide!

Types of Batteries – What are the Differences?

            In airsoft there are two different popular types of batteries. We have the nickel metal hydride battery, also known as the NIMH battery, and we have Lithium batteries. NIMH are not as costly, and don’t have as many safety issues as Lithium batteries. However you have to be careful when charging, you risk damaging the battery if you over charge it. We recommend using a smart charger for all NIMH batteries., Airsoft Batteries


Then on the other end of the performance spectrum we have the Lithium batteries. They are higher performance, and offer a faster rate of fire and trigger response. All Lithium chargers are also smart chargers, so you don’t have to worry about charging as much. We recommend the Tenergy LIPO charger for the best charge.

Benefits of LIPO Batteries – Are they Worth it?

Lithium Polymer (LIPO) batteries have some downsides however. Because of their construction you have to be very careful with them. If they are punctured, or left in extreme heat, or mistreated in some other ways they can become volatile and even explode. LIPO batteries also can not be drained completely empty, as if you do they will not be able to charge up all the way., Airsoft Batteries

Conversely, Lithium Ion (LI-ION) batteries, such as the TITAN POWER batteries have a much more durable construction. They are not supposed to have any of the volatility issues that the Lithium Polymer batteries have. Due to their construction, they are also able to hold much more power in roughly the same size of a battery as compared to a LIPO battery.  

Battery Increases Rate of Fire? – Voltage and How it Affects Your Gun

            The Voltage of the battery is the power that your battery is giving your gun. If you have more power being sent to your gun, your motor will spin faster meaning that you get a higher rate of fire, and better trigger response. If you have a battery gives too much power for your gun, then you risk breaking something internally. Alternately, if your battery isn’t powerful enough for your gun, your motor, battery, and wires getting really hot, and your battery will not last as long as it should. You have to be careful what battery you use.

We recommend using 7.4v LIPO batteries in entry level guns, and jumping up to an 11.1v once you get a higher end gun. We don’t recommend using an 11.1v LIPO in anything without a mosfet. Usually entry level guns will not have a mosfet

How Long Will Your Battery Last? – MAH Rating Explained

            The milliampere hour (MAH) rating of the battery is the next spec to look at. Without getting into too much science, the higher the MAH rating of your battery, the longer it will last. For the most part, generally 1 MAH = 1 bb shot. This can change as other factors come into play, but generally that is the rule. If you have a battery with 1200 MAH for an example, you can generally expect around 1200 shots before it is dead., Airsoft Batteries

Most batteries have anywhere from 1000 MAH to up to 1600 MAH. Some larger higher powered batteries have up to 2000 MAH plus. LI-ION batteries are the exception in that they generally have 2500 MAH, and still retain the same smaller size as normal LIPO and NIMH batteries. Depending on how much you’re shooting on the field, you might need several batteries to make it through a day of playing Airsoft.

LIPO Advantage – What is the C Rating of Your Battery?

This last spec to look at only applies to LIPO batteries. So what is the C-Rating of a battery? Basically, the C Rating of a LIPO battery tells you the discharge rate of the battery, how fast it will send power. You need to make sure you get the right C Rating for your gun.

Generally anything in the 20C-25C rating is good for stock high end guns, but you might want to go to 30C plus for high end custom builds that require a lot of power. If you don’t’ have the right C rating for your gun you can see the motor and wires get too hot because the motor is trying to pull more power than the battery can give.  Just one more thing to look at when you consider what battery you want.

Best Battery for Your Gun?

So now that we have looked at all the specs of all the different batteries, what does that mean? Which battery is the best? Well, that all depends on what gun you have and what you want from it. If you have a basic entry level gun, and don’t really need super high performance, you will save some money by going with a 9.6v NIMH battery. They provide enough power to shoot well, but will not mess up your gun. Check out our selection of NIMH batteries here.

Conversely, if you have a higher end rifle or a custom build, we recommend using an 11.1 Lithium battery. They are a little more expensive, but overall they are worth it. If you can, go with a LI-ION battery such as the TITAN POWER ones. Check out our selection of LIPO batteries here.  Overall, what battery you use really depends on personal choice. So get out there, and have fun!

Let us know if you have any questions or comments, we love hearing feedback and helping our customers. We are always looking for ways to improve! – We Got Your Back!


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