Best airsoft guns for kids or beginners – A Guide

Best airsoft guns for kids or beginners – A Guide

  • Nicholas Dunn

With the passage of time, airsoft guns are becoming quite popular. But the number of parents who know about these guns and how they work is quite less. One needs to remember that the airsoft gun isn’t exactly a toy but isn’t a firearm either. Airsoft guns are guns which fire small and almost harmless plastic BBs. It is a fun game but there are some pre-requisites.

Gun selection is no easy feat and to choose the ideal gun for your kid, particularly if it’s the first one, you have to consider a few things.

Children can be very persuasive

Trying to be the best parents for our children sometimes we get carried away by the love we have for them and our desires to see them happy. Sometimes this means accepting to buy "the best equipment" so that your child starts playing airsoft like a professional and we end up spending over a thousand dollars.

Of course, with this we ensure the fun and success of our children, right?

Well, the reality is very different. For many videos that our children have seen and what friends can tell them, having the experience for themselves will be the only thing that will make them sure which role they want to play and which gear is best for them.

We have parents coming back to our stores saying that the rifle was too heavy or too big for their kid.

So before succumbing to the eyes of your children consider the following points to choose their first airsoft kit.

So without further ado, let’s start:

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Physical Size

The first thing to keep in mind is the physical size of your child and the size of the gun. Some guns are big-sized and, a kid cannot handle them properly, such as machine guns and sniper rifles.

Maturity level

Now the next step of your selection process is your gauging your child’s maturity level. Would they take it to school or try to pretend that their airsoft gun is a real one? Do you think that they might take it somewhere without your knowledge?

If your child lacks that maturity, then maybe you should buy them a fluorescent-colored airsoft gun or a clear one. This is important so that these airsoft guns are not mistaken for a real gun by someone. You can find these airsoft guns commonly. They even operate like one but look like toys.

Safety Measures

Then, of course, there are safety concerns. The number one concern of any parent who is considering to buy their children an airsoft gun is, how safe is this gun? Now, airsoft guns are safe to use and quite fun sport, but that is because strict rules are put into place so that players play the game safe.

  • Face area: The main danger of airsoft gun is the possibility of getting shot in the eye which is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of the body in an airsoft match. So, when you are buying your kid an airsoft gun, make sure that you also get them a full face mask, and goggles too.

  • Body: It is better than new players to wear long-sleeved shirts and gloves. This is important because your airsoft gun is in front of you and, your hands might be exposed to fire. BBs at close range could cause real pain and hurt the thin skin around your knuckles. A long-sleeved shirt gives a bit of protection.

Playing Zone

Another thing to keep in mind is the area they are playing. Are they playing at home, on a property somewhere or an airsoft facility? These questions are important because your kid is playing in a local area, and they own a realistic-looking gun, someone might see them and call the police.

So if you are not really away from the public eye, its better a clear airsoft guns.

Now you have some homework to do to get the best possible gear for your kid and, of course, for your wallet. 

Here it is our selection for beginners, is a complete airsoft package you could get for your kid at $233 in our store.

What the beginner airsoft package include?

LT-02C Gen 2 AEG Rifle with a crane stock, Retail value (Rifle only): $109.99

Lancer Tactical Airsoft JPC Plate Carrier w/ MOLLE Webbing, Retail value: $49.99
CA-334B ACH BASE JUMP HELMET, Retail value: $39.99
Lancer Tactical CA-231B Airsoft Safety Goggles - Frameless / Clear Lens, Retail value: $15
Half Finger Glove (MEDIUM SIZE ONLY), Retail value: $15
Smart Charger, Retail value: $19.99
9.6V 1600 mAh Nun Chuck Battery, Retail value: $19.99  
Cleaning rod, Retail value: (Includes with the rifle, separately $3.99)
600 0.28g Premium BBs, Retail value: $3.99
Brand Patch, Complimentary

This is the best gear for the money you can get for your son without rip off your bank account.


Pre-order new player


$215.00 $172.00 

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