Top Tips for Getting Into Airsoft by

Top Tips for Getting Into Airsoft by

  • Nicholas Dunn


When it comes to getting into the sport of airsoft there are lots of things to consider, tons of forum posts to read, and a whole bunch of random internet strangers who will tell you what to do and why you’re wrong. With so many things to consider it helps to understand a few key points in terms of getting a foothold on the sport itself. Many people will tell you that when you’re starting it’s important to go out with some friends, figure out how you like to play, and then make the decision to buy. They are completely right. Get a feel for how you like it, how you play, and what you think you want. Once you’re ready to buy, here are some things to consider.

Don’t Cheap Out on Safety Protection

We have said it before, and we will continue to say it. Get good eye protection! Airsoft can be a dangerous sport, and without the right protection, it can cost you an eye or a tooth. However, with the right safety precautions taken, airsoft is actually safer than most other traditional sports like football or soccer. In order for the proper precautions to be taken you need to be wearing good goggles, lower face protection of some sort, and good ankle support.

Absolutely the most important piece of protection is your eye protection. Losing an eye will suck! It’s pretty simple why eye protection is absolutely always required when playing. For eye protection to be good enough to play with it has to be ANSI z87.1+ rated, and it has to be full seal meaning that there are no gaps in the edges that stuff could make it into your eye through. There are generally two paths people take when getting face protection. You could get a full face mask. You will have better protection, and often a wider field of view, but that usually comes at the cost of comfort and not being able to aim down the sights well. Getting regular goggles and pairing them with lower face protection is usually preferred because you can see down your sights, and if done well there isn’t too much protection lost.




If you don’t get a full face mask, in addition to your goggles you will also need something to protect your teeth. Some fields will allow you to skip the lower face protection, but we don’t recommend it. Your teeth are worth the little hassle and few dollars it costs to protect them. Most of the time you will see mesh lower face masks. They are semi-flexible allowing you to form it to your face a little. Sometimes people will just use a cloth around their face like a shemagh or balaclava. This is often cooler and more comfortable, but it won’t necessarily protect your teeth from a bb as well as a wire mesh one would.

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Finally, the last bit of protection to make sure you have is good boots. Most of the time you will be playing outside, in the woods or other less than perfectly flat areas. You will want good hiking style boots that afford good ankle protection. Without ankle protection, you are very likely to sprain your ankle out on the field. Other safety protection to consider would be knee and elbow pads, gloves, and possibly something to protect your lower regions (if you know what we mean).

Focus on One Good Gun Instead of Lots of Cheap Ones

Many people, but especially newer players, seem to be infatuated with simply having as many cool looking guns as possible. Never mind the fact that they are never going to get around to using all of them, or that they might be cheaping out on quality so that they can afford so many. Our second tip for starting out in airsoft is to choose one main weapon that you like and work with that. Don’t worry about getting a whole arsenal set up, you need to focus on one good weapon to get you through some games fits.



Whatever your budget ends up being, try to spend most of it on a gun. You don’t need a ton of gear to start, just some face protection, ammunition, and of course a battery and charger (if your gun doesn’t come with one). Don’t even worry about a sidearm. They are fun and useful, but not a necessity. Get a quality platform set up, and don’t worry about a bunch of guns until you are satisfied with your first gun. Then and only then should you move on.

Only Get the Gear You NEED - Nothing More

Too many times we see players out on the field set up in full kits, wearing tons of pouches and carrying more mags than they could ever dream of using. This is not to bash on impressionist kits or milsim players, since there is definitely a place for those styles of play, and it is definitely fun. But starting out, you don’t need all that gear. Just stick with the basics. You need face protection, boots, a gun with a battery and charger, and some ammunition. If you have a little money left you can buy some extra mags and a pair of gloves. You don’t need a vest to start out. You don’t need a sidearm, and you definitely don’t need twenty mags! Not only will you be able to get a better weapon if you’re not spending as much on extras, but you’ll move faster, be able to run for longer, and be more effective on the field.

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So once you’ve tried out the sport, gotten a feel for it, and are ready to pull the trigger, we hope you take into consideration these things we have brought up today. Remember to never go cheap with your safety protection. Your face, feet, and hands are worth a few dollars. Don’t worry about having a bunch of guns that you don’t need, just stick with the basics. And remember that when starting out, you don’t need all the gear that you see people using. Keep it basic. You’ll have more fun that way!

Let us know if you have any questions or comments, we love hearing feedback and helping our customers. We are always looking for ways to improve! – We Got Your Back!


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