Gas Powered Airsoft Gun | Airsoft GBB Pistols

No expert marksman is complete without a sidearm. In a surprise situation when caught reloading your main gun you can quickly draw your Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol and gain the upper hand. Feel the weight and realistic kickback with the Gas Blowback technology for maximum realism. GBB Pistols are perfect for training to fire a real firearm. The high performance Airsoft Glock and the Airsoft Glock 17 are an example of the realistic weight and similar kickback that the true firearm has. You have the choice of a Green Gas Airsoft Pistol or CO2 Airsoft Pistol each with their own benefits. Green gas is easier on the gun and more affordable while the CO2 kicks back harder, shoots faster, and works better in colder conditions. Pickup the canister for your Pistol whether it is Green Gas Fuel or Co2 Cartridges, Modern Airsoft has your back!

Gear for Airsoft Gun Pistols

When you are looking to protect your favored sidearm you can't go wrong with a Hardshell Tactical Airsoft Pistol Holster. Securely holds your Airsoft Pistol at the ready for an effortless quick draw. Most Hardshell Holsters are built with high density polymer for extreme durability and maximum protection for your Airsoft Pistol. If your chosen pistol has a compatible rail system your pistol can be enhanced with a Picatinny Airsoft Laser Sight, Flashlight, and/or Red Dot Sight!

Upgrades? We Got That.

Add a bit of flair to your Airsoft Pistol with a complementary colored magwell or metal slides that makes your sidearm YOURS with your unique personal aesthetic. Some pistols have threaded barrel options for a truly deadly flair.

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