Gas // Co2

Keep your gas powered airsoft guns powered and in top condition with our selection of Airsoft Green Gas and Co2 Cartridges for Airsoft Gas Powered Guns. Green Gas Fuel For Gas Powered Airsoft Guns is used in a variety of gas powered airsoft guns, such as rifles and pistols. The Co2 Cartridges for Co2 Powered Airsoft Guns are primarily used in airsoft pistols, and make gas refills incredibly easy to perform because of the simple cartridge design. Be sure to pick up some extra lubricant too to make sure your magazines stay in top condition.

Don't forget the extras

It's always a good idea to have backups on-hand for gas guns, such as extra Gas Magazine for Airsoft Rifles or Spare Gas Pistol Magazines. Additionally, be sure to have enough Premium Airsoft Ammo for your gas gun when going into your next game.

Keep your gear organized

Whether on or off the field or even target shooting in your back yard, make sure you have the gas and lubricant you need on hand thanks to your Plate Carrier and additional Tactical Backpack.
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