Airsoft MOLLE Magazine // Accessory Pouches

Keep your important gear close at hand with our airsoft MOLLE accessory pouches and magazine pouches. The MOLLE attachment system is lightweight and versatile. MOLLE is used by real military forces, such as the British and United States Armies. Most airsoft tactical gear is equipped with MOLLE making airsoft equipment interchangeable, so whatever MOLLE equipment you buy can be used with other MOLLE equipment. MOLLE is durable and easy to use, attaching with a simple system of straps and buttons which can be attached or removed in seconds.

How to Use MOLLE Accessory Pouches and Magazine Holders

MOLLE pouches are great attachments in tandem with your vest and compliment each other very well. Selecting the right MOLLE magazine pouch for you to you on your vest allows you to tailor your look to your playstyle. Pick up your MOLLE vests at Vests // Plate Carriers // Chest Rigs, and your Tactical bags at Airsoft Tactical Bags // Backpacks.

Best Gear to Use in Airsoft MOLLE Pouches

Once you have your airsoft MOLLE pouches attached, you'll be able store all types of tactical accessories in them to use in the field. Extra AEG Magazines, Gas Rifle Magazines, and Spring Sniper Magazines are always a must for extended airsoft sessions. If you're looking to further enhance your tactical options to get an upper hand on your opponent, we recommend Airsoft BB Grenades // Launchers as an excellent addition to any tactical toolset.
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