HPA Engines // Accessories

Power up your Airsoft Rifle with our selection of HPA Engines and Accessories. We have everything you need for all your HPA Engines needs. HPA stands for High pressure air and is a type of pneumatic airsoft system that utilize externally supplied high pressure air instead of internal gas canisters like the majority of gas Airsoft guns. Pick up a regulator such as the Redline SFR Regulator to upgrade your HPA setup.

HPA Tanks and Accessories

No matter your system for HPA whether it be Polar Star, SMP, Tippmann, or Valken, you will need a tank to hold your air. Take the Ninja 68 Cubic Inch 4500 PSI 68/4500 HPA Tank for example, built with a pre-installed Ninja regulator and constructed from carbon fiber. This tank is great for it's low-profile and lightweight design allowing for more maneuverability on the battlefield. Replacement hoses are also available with all the necessary parts such as the PolarStar Braided 42'' Air Line. If you are in need of a replacement nozzle then the PolarStar Fusion Engine Nozzle M4 M16 HPA System For Airsoft Electric Guns is your answer. 

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