Helmets // Head Gear

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to Airsoft. Airsoft Tactical Helmets for protection are one of the most important pieces of gear you need to play. There are many options when it comes to helmets and many colors, each with their own benefits. If you want supreme full face protection then the WoSport G4 System Nylon Bump Helmet Mask is perfect for you. If you want a more affordable option that still provides great protection for your head with a less intrusive design the Lancer Tactical PJ Bump Style Polymer Helmet Airsoft Tactical for Protection is a great option.

Head Gear

If you have need of a stealthy and affordable option the Lancer Tactical Shadow Warrior Hood Mesh Balaclava Face Mask is for you. You can even stay in communication with your team by using the TAC 9 Z-Tactical Cobra Boom Arm Tactical Headset. This headset's movable mic allows you to adjust the mic to your needs. The adjustable headband ensures the mic remains both well-positioned and comfortable to wear. Headset can be attached either directly to the helmet, or can be worn directly on the head. In addition to helmets, make sure you have a quality set of Goggles // Eye Protection.

Tactical Protective Gear

Lancer Tactical Shemagh Spartan Pattern Green Tactical Protective Gear is a great option for an extra layer of protection. Shemaghs are great for being versatile in use as well as a unique pattern to break up your silhouette to help you stay hidden. Be sure to get a matching Vest // Plate Carrier // Chest Rig and Airsoft MOLLE Magazine // Accessory Pouches for a cohesive loadout!

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