Airsoft Guns

At Modern Airsoft, we have a massive selection of quality airsoft guns to match for any type of occasion and budget. There are three basic categories of airsoft guns: electric airsoft guns, gas guns, and spring powered guns. Which is the best airsoft gun to start? Take a look at this article we wrote to help you decide which gun is best for you.



Types of Airsoft Guns

Different airsoft guns are good for different purposes, and their real-life role typically aligns with their airsoft usage. Frontline soldiers in airsoft primarily use battery powered electric airsoft guns, or gas powered airsoft guns, which are quite versatile. Snipers use spring-powered sniper rifles.  Close quarters combatants use powerful shotguns. And no matter your role, it's always handy to have a trusty sidearm on hand.



Airsoft as a Hobby

Airsoft is a fantastic hobby for many types of payers, offering memorable experiences to people of all skill levels and backgrounds. From simple deathmatch games if a friend's backyard to intense mil-sim experiences, there is a large diversity of games for airsoft players to experience. If you're looking to up your game and become a better airsoft player, take a look at our airsoft advice.
At Modern Airsoft, no matter what type of airsoft experience you're looking for, we have the guns,
gear, and top quality service to match it. – We Got Your Back!
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