Airsoft Gas / Spring Shotguns

Airsoft Gas and Spring Shotguns are a more specialized form of airsoft gun often utilized for closer range airsoft games. There are a variety of airsoft guns available for purchase, from single shot to multi-shot. Many airsoft gas and spring shotguns utilize shotgun shells to hold airsoft BBs. These shotgun shells act more like magazines than traditional shells, as they often hold more than a single shot.

Why Carry Airsoft Gas / Spring Shotguns?

Airsoft shotguns offer something most other airsoft guns don't a spread shot. By shooting three airsoft BBs at once, the chance of hitting your target increases. Airsoft shotguns come in one of two flavors: gas, or spring. Spring shotguns are excellent for beginners, as they require very little maintenance or additional supplies. Gas shotguns provide the added benefit of being easier to cock between shots, as the mechanism does not rely on spring power to fire BBs.

Tactical Accessories for Airsoft Shotguns

When purchasing an airsoft shotgun, be sure to pick up some Airsoft MOLLE Pouches for your shotgun shells so you can reload easily. If you're using a gas shotgun, also be sure to stock up on Green Gas Fuel so you can keep shooting. Looking to use airsoft shotguns in tactical close range encounters? A useful tool to aid when flushing out buildings are Airsoft Grenades.
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