Airsoft Tactical MOLLE // Belt Holsters

Protect your favorite sidearm with Modern Airsoft's assortment of Belt Holsters. If you want premium protection then your best option is a Hard Shell Holster. Take the Cytac Hardshell for Glock 17, Made from an insanely durable high density polymer shell to protect from BB impacts and scrapes against terrain. There are many options to fit your Pistol, if you have a Berretta 92/92FS/M9, BK then the Amomax Drop Leg Tactical Holster for Beretta 92/92FS/M9 is the right choice for you.

Variety of Holsters

Modern Airsoft sells a variety of different types of holsters to suit your need. The belt mounted holster option allows you to quickly draw from the hip. Drop leg holsters which are made from nylon are lighter weight than their hard shell counterpart. The drop leg holster is a more covert option that allows for easier maneuverability on the battlefield.  

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