Lights // Lasers

Dramatically improve accuracy and light up the night with Lights and Lasers from Modern Airsoft. Effortlessly attach a multitude of picatinny rail Airsoft gun lights with the compatible picatinny rail on your Airsoft Rifle or Airsoft Pistol. Red Laser lights are very useful during night time operations and allows you to see more accurately where your gun is pointing. Laser sights can dramatically improve accuracy and they are easily able to clip on with the picatinny rail mounts included on some guns.


If you need a bright light to get information quickly then you'll need a flashlight to brighten up the night. By attaching your chosen flashlight to your picatinny rail system you can quickly turn deploy the light. The Trilogy Tactical Foregrip LED Flashlight w/ 2 LED Nav Lights Ergonomic Foregrip Light For Airsoft Guns is a perfect example of a great flashlight that even comes with a fore grip for stabilizing the shot.

Power Up Your Lights and Lasers

Modern Airsoft has everything you need when it comes to Lights and Lasers. We have an assortment of batteries that can power up your lights. The Aim Sports 3 Volt Lithium Battery and the Tenergy CR123A Small Electronics Battery are just two examples batteries that are ready for your chosen light or laser.

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