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Get the tactical edge with one of our high quality grips and rail accessories. Using a foregrip on your airsoft gun allows faster maneuverability and aiming and an ergonomic grip, meaning you'll be able to line up shots faster and keep your hands from getting tired as quickly. 

What Are the Differences Between Keymod Foregrip For Airsoft Guns and Rail Systems?

There are three primary ways of attaching foregrips and other grips to an airsoft gun rail system: Picatinny, Keymod, and M-Lok. Picatinny is a rail often found attached to the top and sides of rifles. Accessories which attach to picatinny rail systems attach to this type of rail. The second type of rail system is the Keymod rail system, which has accessories specifically made for it. It is possible to attach a Picatinny rail on top of a Keymod system, if desired, which requires additional parts. The third type is the M-Lok system, which is similar to the Keymod system, but shaped differently .


Picatinny Example  Keymod to Picatinny ExampleM-Lok Example

What to Use Foregrips With

Foregrips make excellent additions to both Electric Rifles and Gas Training Rifles because they make the rifle easier to handle in a variety of situations. For those looking for a more specialized type of shooting, bipods make using Sniper Rifles by both stabilizing the gun and reducing effort needed to hold the rifle.
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AMA Tactical Airsoft M4 Magwell Grip W/ Slot Group
LCT Airsoft 3 Position Folding Grip (Black)
JG 4 Position 9In Metal Airsoft Bi-Pod
Rail Mount for Sights and Scopes
Rail Mount for Sights and Scopes
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