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Land your shots with ease thanks to our premium selection of sights and scopes. We have scopes for any tactical situation, including our selection of red dot sights for airsoft electric guns, high-power scopes for airsoft sniper rifles, and fiber optic attachments and iron sights for low-profile targeting. 

How Do You Use A Red Dot Sight for Airsoft Electric Guns?

The nice thing about red dot sights, or any type of sight in general, is that they can be used on nearly any type of gun you can attach them to! A scope, red dot sight, or iron sight will work on electric rifles, gas rifles, and gas pistols. The most common way for a scope to be mounted is the picatinny system, which is the flat, rectangular rail you can see on top of many airsoft guns. Simply place the scope on the picatinny system and tighten the screw to secure it in place.

The Right Tool for the Job

Once you start using a red dot sight or other airsoft sights, you'll need to make sure your BBs go where you're aiming. Lower weight BBs are great because they move quickly after being fired, but they can also be influenced by the wind. To avoid this, we recommend using higher weight premium Ammo // BB's. Additionally, using pistol grips and bipods can help stabilize your aim for a better shot. You can find those at Grips // Rail Accessories. Scopes are useful in medium to long range scenarios, while red dot sights fill the close range role. Mounting a Light // Laser to your airsoft gun helps alleviate this problem.
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Aim Sports 4X32 Compact Mil-Dot Scope W/Rings

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