Modern Airsoft was born October 1st, 2016 with its Oceanside retail store grand opening. Our corporate office and distribution center is located in San Diego County, California. Since our opening we became the fastest growing airsoft company in the world operating retail chain, online stores and airsoft fields. The main operating locations of the company are fulfillment center for, Modern Airsoft Oceanside retail Supercenter, Modern Airsoft Murrieta retail Supercenter and Modern Airsoft Park in Camp Pendleton.
Modern Airsoft is best known for its Free Mystery Gift in every single online order, along with one of the largest airsoft showroom in the world.

With superior customer service, fastest technician work, and high quality, name brand merchandise at unbeatable prices, you’ll know when shopping at Modern Airsoft that “We Got Your Back”.
With a central customer lounge, Modern Airsoft is not just the place to pick up all the latest guns and gear, it is also the center of the airsoft communities in Southern California. We strive to be the best airsoft company and will improve the sport one airsofter at a time. Modern Airsoft is a proud member of the Oceanside
We got your back
ModerAirsoft Parck
Our Modern Airsoft Park, Camp Pendleton is our newest protject and we are planning
to open more locations this year. Modern Airsoft Park, Camp Pendleton is located
inside the world's largest United States Marie Corp's base Camp Pendleton. This base
has over 100,00 residents incluing 42,000 active duty military and we are very
proud bringing quality airsoft service to this base and surrounding communities.
You are our guest when you shop with us, so we design every shopping experience to be
the best you’ll ever have. Our store is large and well stocked for airsofters and urban dwellers
alike. We guarantee that your shopping experience will be unique and memorable.
Whether you are shopping in our supercenter, or our website, we work hard to ensure your
experience is always enjoyable. How do we do it? Friendly and professional service from our
customer service team, fully stocked products, and a speedy checkout process that take
your shopping experience to the next level.
                         COMMITTED TO OUR COMMUNITY:
We have a long history of supporting the community of Oceanside California, where we do business. We volunteer our time and partner with like-minded organizations to build stron-ger, safer, healthier communities, and invest in the development and well-being of our team members. We set high standards for your airsoft experience when you shop with us. We aim to be a place where guests and team members will always find more than they expect. Our purpose and beliefs set the stage for day-to-day innovation, and teamwork. Our community reflects who we are.


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