Spring Sniper Magazines

Airsoft Sniper Rifles are the elite weapon of the airsoft sniper. Whether you are playing at large events, or just shooting targets, airsoft snipers always know the importance of having plenty of ammo. Keep the BB's going down range with this extensive variety of bolt action airsoft sniper rifle magazines!

Don't Forget the BB's

Snipers need high-quality, seamless airsoft Ammo // BB's to use with their gun, so be sure to stock up with extra. We highly recommend choosing heavy weight ammo for your sniper rifle, as the higher weight helps it to not be affected by wind and other environmental obstacles as greatly, meaning you'll have an easier time hitting your target.

Store Your Mags Like a Professional

Use professional level Vests // Plate Carriers // Chest Rigs to make sure you can reload quickly without missing a beat, or a potential target. A tactical vest also makes it easier to store backup Gas Blowback Pistols, to help you outwit would-be ambushers.

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