Goggles // Eye Protection

If there's one piece of airsoft gear you don't want to skimp on, it's your eye protection. Your eyes are very important to your everyday life, and not wearing proper protective gear is both shortsighted and disallowed at most airsoft parks. Keep your eyes protected and comfortable with our wide array of goggles for various situations. Be sure to match the color of your goggles to that of your tactical vest from our Vests // Plate Carriers //Chest Rigs for a cohesive look. We also recommend picking up some anti-fog wipes to go with your goggles, so your vision remains clear and consistent so you can accurately see your targets.

How to Choose the Right Safety Goggles for Eye Protection

Larger goggles are great for comfort because of the extra padding and ventilation options, but their size makes it difficult to aim down precise sights such as those of sniper rifles. Lower profile goggles are the opposite, being good for snipers but not so for comfort. There are also rail risers for airsoft red dot sights from Sights // Scopes which raise the sights of a gun to make them easier to use with bulky goggles or masks.

Don't Forget the Other Airsoft Safety Gear

We also highly advise getting a lower face mask to go with your eye protection. If your mouth is hit with a BB going at high velocity, it has the potential to knock out a tooth, providing for a rather embarrassing story to tell your dentist. Make sure your lower face is fully protected with either a lower face mask or full face mask from our Helmets // Head Gear section.
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