Gas Rifle Magazines

Pick up extra magazines for your gas powered Airsoft Rifle so you can keep the BBs going down range. Gas magazines hold both the BBs as well as the gas which propels the BBs. Because gas magazines necessitate a sturdy construction, they have a weight which is closer to that of a real magazine, making them excellent for simulation or training purposes. Gas magazines usually have a realistic number of shots in the magazine, meaning it's more important to have more magazine so you can keep shooting for extended periods.

Make Sure You're Ready for Gas Magazines

It is highly recommended that you bring a Tactical Vest with you when taking these Gas Rifle Magazines into battle because of their weight. ModernAirsoft offers a large number of Airsoft MOLLE Pouches for holding many types of magazines, including gas ones. Be sure to buy Premium Airsoft Ammo as well as Green Gas to go along with these magazines. 

Alternatives to Gas Rifles

In addition to gas rifles, Gas Airsoft Shotguns are made for close range engagements. These shotguns utilize gas to make the gun easier to use, while also having powerful multi-shot capabilities. Gas guns' emphasis on realism over functionality isn't for everyone, however. If this is the case for you, but you still want an automatic airsoft gun, we recommend Airsoft Electric Rifles as an alternative. 

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