Build Your Loadout

Protect your chest and torso with Vests, Plate Carriers, and Chest Rigs. Many chest rigs and plate carriers have MOLLE webbing for increased modularity in build allowing you to attach airsoft tactical gear, such as Airsoft MOLLE Magazine // Accessory Pouches. The Vests and Plate Carriers are made of extremely durable nylon for increased longevity. Some Plate Carriers come with drag handles for transporting fallen wearers during Airsoft battles, The WoSport JPC 2.0 Style Airsoft Vest Tactical MOLLE Plate Carrier is a great option for a plate carrier that has everything you need to start.

Chest Rigs

The WoSport Minimalist Multifunctional Chest Rig Tactical Airsoft Vest has a modular design that allows for magazines to be added easily and make them quite accessible for quicker reloads. If you need a size adjustment you can pick up the Condor LCS Vas Modular Cummerbund Airsoft Vest Tactical Plate Carrier. For extreme durability the AMA Tactical TF3 High Speed Mag Strap Body Armor is a great option due to it's neoprene construction and high speed mag strap which allows you to quickly reload.

Airsoft Gear to Add to Your Tactical Vest

Be sure to make full use of your tactical vest by holding extra Quality Airsoft Spare Magazines. Additionally, you can attach a Airsoft Tactical MOLLE // Belt Holster to the rig so you always have a backup Gas Powered Pistol on hand. A great way to stay hydrated during an airsoft match is to attach a hydration pouch to your tactical vest as well.

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