Classic Army Airsoft

Classic Army Airsoft

Classic Army Airsoft Since 1999 Classic Army is a leading manufacturer of Airsoft products, setting standards for the entire industry. Classic Army produced the first full metal production M4 and MP5 AEGs. Classic Army built the first glass-filled nylon fiber AEG in their G36. Classic Army was the first to introduce a high-end SCAR AEG. Since inception, Classic Army has been an innovator in design and production of Airsoft guns for the collector and war gamer market, offering a wide selection of products to suit their customers’ tastes and needs. Through their years of experience and knowledge, Classic Army has developed their creed of Total Performance®

An Experienced Player’s POV: Classic Army guns are on the cutting edge of technology in the airsoft world, blending affordable prices with unmatched value in performance. The MOSFET units inside their guns, along with the tight bore barrels and high torque motors featured in the vast majority of their models create a symphony of excellence that will leave you at the front of the pack in competitiveness on the airsoft field.

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