ICS BLE XAE AirSoft Gas Blowback Pistol

ICS BLE XAE  AirSoft Gas Blowback Pistol

These BLE XAE gas blowback pistols are made by ICS, the Airsoft manufacturer in Taiwan. ICS Airsoft is one of the oldest Airsoft brand in the world that makes quality AEG, Gas pistol and Gas rifles.

About ICS

ICS follows the market demand and has globalization and localization strategies. Local distributors, wholesalers, or dealers are our distribution channels to ensure our best products and best services can be delivered to the end users. We expect ourselves to be the market leader to explore and create the market. We take care of our brand and good will by constantly improving first tier R&D, middle tier production quality, and the last tier marketing capabilities. ICS keeps expanding the quality and quantity of R&D teams. Our product lines will be more and more completed by our excellent innovative and developing capabilities. All of these make ICS the best Taiwan made AEG brand in every aspect.

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