Welcome to MAXChange! MAXchange is where you can find amazing deals for airsoft guns that can not be considered brand new. All the products in this category have been purchased or received by Modern Airsoft secondhand from a previous owner. All guns will be labeled as:

Open Box |  Used | Upgraded | Refurbished | Custom.

All products will have key terms in the description like:

External Wear | Internal Wear | Boneyard |  Full Working Condition.


Here is how Modern Airsoft defines those terms for the purpose of these MAXChange items. 

Open Box

Item is in full or working condition but can not be considering “brand new” due to being in possession by another customer. This is included but not limited to as follows: buyers remorse, unauthorized purchase, fraudulent purchase, unauthorized purchase by a minor, unauthorized purchase in general, accidental purchase, incorrect purchase, minor easily fixable defection, and if Modern Airsoft sent out an incorrect item/gun. Essentially what this means is the item is in a new condition but simply can not be considered “brand new” since at one point (being a long time or short time) was in possession by someone else.

Used Item

Item was purchased second hand from a customer in working condition ( unless specified otherwise). Gun most likely has minor to extreme signs of external wear but is fundamentally in “working/usable condition”.Some used items may be considered “boneyard” and will be labeled as such.

Upgraded Item
Item is in possession of modern airsoft and was originally in a working or non working functionally but then was then professionally upgraded by a modern airsoft staff member to perform better than a new stock item would in regards to external or internal performance.

Refurbished Item

Item was received by modern airsoft in a non functioning condition but was repaired professionally by a Modern Airsoft employee to be in “full working condition”.


Gun is somewhat in complete condition but has an issue/defect that makes the item not fulfill the basic requirements to meet the “working condition” requirements. This could include but is not limited to: a broken gear inside gearbox, fried motor, fried trigger contacts,broken mosfet, failed compression, worn out parts, and even stripped screws.



External Wear
the item has cosmetic wear/ damage that does not affect the core functionally of the item.

Internal wear

The item is in full working condition but has questionable reliability. This occurs when the gun has seen extreme use to where internal wear on the key components of the gun may be evident. What this implies is the gun is in near a near 100% in functionality but we simply can not guarantee its reliability when compared to a brand new gun.

Working Condition

The gun is in a full usable condition. This means the hop up, trigger actions, power consumption, mag release, and range/accuracy is in all working condition. The key functions of the item are 100% working to be usable on the playing field.


All items are exactly as seen and described in each listing. Due to these items being in all kinds of condition besides new, we can not fully guarantee the integrity of each item. What this means is there is no way to accurately tell what the internal wear of the item is. Due to this, there are no returns or exchanges on MaxChange items. Some exceptions to this may apply. 

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MaxChange Used Echo1 Red Star AK CSR Airsoft AEG Rifle SVD

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