Since 2007 Aim Sports has been a leader in bringing innovative, quality, affordable products to all types of shooter including Airsoft Shooters. Never afraid to introduce unique items to even the narrowest segments of the shooting sports world, they continue to keep their ears to the ground for feedback in their ever improving and ever expanding product line. For more info please visit

AIM Sports

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Representing the pinnacle of Aim Sports' evolving development process, the 4X35 DUAL-RAIL ILLUMINATED COMPACT SCOPE WITH RAPID RANGING RETICLE / FIBER OPTICS SIGHT incorporates all of our current top of the line features. Each scope offers a broad array of magnification ranges and objective sizes allow the customer to select the best option for their needs within the line. All scopes feature maximum durability and ample windage and elevation adjustment. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Aim Sports Limited Lifetime Warranty Covers against defects in materials and workmanship. Aim Sports Inc. will replace or repair defective products upon inspection by our technical staff. Defects or damage from abnormal use, improper storage, unauthorized modification, unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, alteration or improper installation will void the product warranty and eligibility. The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers items purchased from an authorized dealer such as Modern Airsoft, and proof of purchase may be required for verification. 

AIM Design Team

The AIM Sports design team has decades of experience, from law enforcement to competition shooting, as well as some of the finest airsoft rifles and accessories on the market. Whether it's a unique modification of a modern airsoft rifle or a compatible rail system, our customers know why Aim Sports products are the best. As Aim Sports moves forward with their lines of exceptional rifle scopes they will continue to strive to improve features and performance.

AIM Slings

AIM slings are designed with extra thick padding for added comfort when carrying heavier firearms. All hooks secure your firearms with heavy duty nylon straps. All slings are fully adjustable and are tested. AIM slings come in multiple lengths and feature high strength steel hardware.


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