If you believe that Modern Airsoft fits into your career path, our belief is don’t just work somewhere, work somewhere you love. Modern Airsoft is the fastest growing Airsoft Retailer in the country. Explore our career page to learn more. You can also stop by and meet a few of the passionate people who make up our team or fill out our contact form .

Join the Modern Airsoft Team

Join the Modern Airsoft Team

When people say they love Modern Airsoft, they’re usually talking about visiting our store. A positive and welcoming in-store experience is one of the things that sets us apart.This is  made possible by the people in our store who create amazing experiences for our guests every day. If you love brightening someone’s day, learn more about careers in our store.

Efficient Business

Efficient Business

To help make more effective and efficient business decisions for our guests, we’ve formed what we’re calling an efficient business team. This team will help Modern Airsoft transform the way it runs its business. If you’d like to join, we’ve have more details for you please contact us.

Shipping Center

Modern Airsoft Shipping Center

Our Shipping Center Team is one of the keys to our success. Team Members make sure our products arrive at your doorstep on time, every time. We’re looking for team members who are focused, organized, and outgoing. Help Modern Airsoft's Shipping Center by shipping out orders and updating our customers shipping status in real time.

Store Operations 

Modern Airsoft's Store Operations

Use Modern Strategies that enable our Walk-In Supercenter to more efficiently perform everyday processes and flawlessly roll out new initiatives to achieve profitability and sales. Brainstorm new processes and enhance current processes to make store operations, like logistics, pricing, and transactions, more efficient.

Digital Sales

Modern Airsoft's Digital Sales

We’re committed to innovation, especially when it comes to digital. In 2016 our digital sales grew and we’re continuing the momentum by investing to improve our digital shopping experience. We're uniting to create an experiences for customers to shop anytime, anywhere. Check out and see if you are interested in any roles in our technology department. 

Store Management

Modern Airsoft's Store Management

Exceptional leaders inspire exceptional performance. Put your skills to the test by creating a fast-paced, energetic environment that supports a team, ensures a great guest experience, and maximizes sales and profits to achieve outstanding results.  


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