Established in 1986, G&G has accumulated over two decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of airsoft guns, military, and law enforcement equipment for airsoft guns and military enthusiasts all over the world. G&G is always determined on marking high quality Airsoft products. G&G cybernates to design all products. G&G allows the products to be precise and stable. G&G always tries to find a new design, new materials, and new systems to make our products stronger and more competitive. G&G uses The "CNC" shift operation to make parts, and make them more similar to the real ones. And G&G tries to test all kind of materials in each part to ensure its quality. G&G always focuses on customer's ideals to upgrade parts to make the product lifeline more and more perfect. G&G insists all parts to be made in Taiwan. We wish all of our customers can own a high quality Airsoft gun made by G&G. And we believe in high quality product is the best sales argument. For more info visit


G&G also offers OEM and ODM services

New ways to innovate designs

G&G is constantly researching new ways to innovate in designs and materials to ensure the best quality of their products. All G&G products are designed and built with computer assisted design tools such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) turning operation to ensure tight precision and quality. G&G values the customer's feedback, as we incorporate improvements and upgrade to our future products. All G&G products are proudly made in Taiwan.

G&G Vision

It is G&G's vision that our customer can enjoy the best experience using their products, and we strive in delivering the best quality product as the key to our success. G&G Armament is well known in the airsoft industry. They have been around for over 30 years and know how to make high quality airsoft guns. All G&G airsoft guns are made in Taiwan and have a durable full metal gearbox. Their AEGs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking for a fast and maneuverable CQB weapon or high precision DMR, G&G has something to meet your needs. G&G's constant drive to make high performance, ultra-durable, and afforable airsoft products has led to the latest generation of airsoft guns and some of the best on the market!

G&G Services

In addition to the design and manufacture of high quality airsoft guns, G&G also offers OEM and ODM services for airsoft and firearms manufacturers. G&G supplies wide variety of replacement components to our distributors and as well as dealers. G&G is committed to the best service support for our customers. G&G have a dedicated service for order repair part. G&G provide a step-to-step instructional video on their offical website for our customers to facilitate the service of their products.


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