Airsoft is a competitive sport where players use realistic replicas of guns and other

tactical gear to engage in competitions. Much like paintball, the games generally

revolve around eliminating the enemy player by tagging them with your projectile.


Many people might have concerns over the safety of a sport where players "shoot" at

each other with toy guns. However, with the right safety precautions taken, airsoft is

actually safer than most other traditional sports like football or soccer. In order

for the proper precautions to be taken you need to be wearing good goggles, lower

face protection of some sort, and good ankle support.


Additionally, airsoft guns shoot at very safe velocities, and use lightweight plastic BB's so as to minimize safety risks. Event still, it is required to always wear full face protection while on the field to completely eliminate any risk.



Many players liken the feeling of getting hit by an airsoft bb to a hard flick, or snap

with a rubber band. The slight sensation can be mitigated with a few layers of clothing,

and will go away quickly. We recommend wearing long sleeves and pants to keep your

skin protected. A BB drawing blood is not likely, but being hit by a BB may leave marks

that can last a few hours.


Before playing at an official field, the muzzle velocity of the airsoft weapon will be

tested by using a "chronograph" to measure the ve locity


Airsoft guns that shoot too powerfully will not be allowed to be used on the field and

you may be required to rent a rifle for the day. Make sure to check with the field you

are playing at to see what their rules are.


The "rifles" are typically powered by a battery and run off of a motor (Automatic Electric Gun: AEG) and hold between 100-300 rounds. The handguns are available in any type of Co2 or Green Gas powered configuration for improved performance. Many of th e "weapons" are realistic replicas of real models of weapons, however they are required to have an orange tip on them to signify that they are just toys. Airsoft is legal for anyone over 18 to purchase, however there are no restrictions on owning or using these toys provided you use them safely.


Make sure to check out our other Airsoft Tips for more information on getting started with airsoft, or for more detailed descriptions of the basics of the sport



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