The $80 Airsoft Rifle That Beat The Expensive Ones

  • Nicholas Dunn


Airsoft snipers play a very important role in this game. They are players who have to have a lot of patience, intelligence and at the same time an incredible aim. If you have these main features, it means you can be excellent with sniper rifles in this game that has revolutionized the entire world since its inception in Japan.

The main function of Airsoft snipers is to offer your team protection by observing intelligence and eliminating players from the opposing team with long-distance shots from various weapons. Its objective is to eliminate certain players of the opposing team who may be a threat to their teammates.

By firing these types of shots, snipers can leave the opposing team with casualties and limited movements, thus achieving better penetration into enemy terrain.

Most airsoft matches take place within 90 feet. With a sniper rifle, you could have an effective range of seventy meters and, with the appropriate improvements, even 300.

And then there's precision. If you're going for that one lethal shot you need to hit it, so your replica must be of quality. That's right, you should never buy cheap sniper rifles because you'll only get one swill. That's why precision rifles are weapons that stand out because if they didn't they wouldn't do their job.

For the most demanding players comes our selection of the best airsoft sniper rifles. These models have precision and good SPF right out of the box.

Bolt Sniper Rifles

The bolt mechanism is one of the hallmarks of airsoft precision rifles. Youtubers such as Silo or Novritsch have popularized this type of replica and are now the most demanded among those looking for their first sniper rifle in our stores.

Being spring-loaded (a rare exception in which this mechanism is practical) they have a slow firing cadence. However, some models have a soft lock that facilitates the process of placing a new BB in the chamber.

The best options include sniper rifles such as the ACTION ARMY T10 JAE-700 ($300) to the Mauser L96 OD MB01 WELL ($220). This is the price range among the best airsoft rifles on the market. However, the characteristics of these can vary greatly. For example, the ACTION ARMY T10 JAE-700 has the following characteristics:

  • Manufacturer: Action Army
  • Length 1080 mm
  • Inner barrel: 433 mm
  • Materials: Zinc Alloy, Aluminum, and Nylon Fiber
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 6 mm BBs
  • Function: Spring
  • Output speed: 280 FPS
  • Charger capacity: 50BBs
  • Weight: 2820 gr.

On the other hand, the Mauser L96 OD MB01 has:

  • Made of metal and plastic
  • Manual operation
  • Reliable Hop-Up
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Includes 3-9×40 sight
  • Manufacturer WELL
  • Specifications:
  • Gearbox: No, manual operation
  • Construction: Metal body, barrel, and metal actuator
  • Magazine capacity: 25 balls (6mm)
  • Length: 1140mm
  • Canyon length:550
  • Weight:3530
  • Output speed: 525 Fps approx
  • Battery: No battery, manual operation
  • Cadence: Manual operation

So you know, if you want the best airsoft rifle to finish off your enemies a few feet away from you just have to choose the most convenient one of these and go for them.

On the other hand, we have a sniper rifle that is very close to expensive rifles and costs less than half. We talk about the ASG MCMILLAN USMC M40A3.

This incredible sniper rifle is by far the ideal to start in this role without investing so much money but, and the best, without thinking that you should invest in a better rifle. Since its performance is incredible for its price.

Some of its best features are:

  • Fully licensed by McMillan Group International
  • Authentic 1:1 replica of the M40A3 fielded by USMC snipers
  • Aluminum barrel and receiver
  • High strength polymer stock
  • 20mm bipod rail (bipod sold separately)
  • Polymer 20rd magazine
  • 20mm optic rail
  • Smooth bolt and trigger pulls
  • Adjustable trigger pull and bolt stroke

With a Muzzle Velocity of 410-420, adjustable hopup and a solid construction, the  ASG MCMILLAN USMC M40A3 is one of the best options out there for the money.

Let us know your thoughts about this 3 amazing rifles and feel free to share this article with your friends so we can improve our service and advice, for you can get the best overall experience in this beautiful sport.

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